"Many of life's failures are people who
did not realize how close they were to
success when they gave up"

Thomas Edison


To Consistently Meet and Exceed Corporate Goals and Targets

Business Development

Helping drive business growth

Organisational Development

Growing Excellence in People and Processes

Strategic Business Development

Alattas Group helps to align a company's Mission Vision and Value Statement with its business development strategies and drive. Alattas Group also helps to ensure that its client's business planning and business activities are centred on strong ROI's targets

Sales Management and Strategy

Alattas Group supports the creation and effective management of clients' sales workforce, helping them to develop effective strategies, planning, forecasting, deployment and evaluations

Sales Activity & Development

Alattas Group helps to develop, implement and monitor the entire sales process across all areas of the sales pipeline, from Lead Generation, through Prospecting, design of Sales and Value Propositions, Appointment Setting, Sales Presentation, Handling Objections, Closure, and specific Upselling and Cross-Selling Activities

Marketing Management

Alattas Group helps to analyse marketing opportunities and develop marketing strategies and specific integrated marketing programs as well as run effective marketing campaigns

Capability Development

Alattas Group helps organisations to enhance the overall capabilities of their staff, through competency development, performance management, potential assessment and improvements, selection optimisation, learning and development initiatives, as well as a range of other related initiatives, all aligned with and targeted to improve organisational performance

Performance Management

Alattas Group helps to design and implement a performance management process where employees' effectiveness is enhanced through careful planning, monitoring and reviewing of an employee's goals objectives and overall contributions to the company

Learning Management

Alattas Group helps to create learning pathways and architectures and supports the implementation of learning management systems to integrate learning with work improvement processes

Training & Development

Alattas Group helps to analyse learning and development needs and helps to align them to business goals.

Alattas Group creates learning and development content and helps in the implementation, monitoring and measurements of effectiveness of all learning interventions.

Alattas Group conducts specific training programs for cross functional teams across most organisational levels.

On Sales, Alattas Group runs specific sales training and development programs as well as consultancy services to help organisations create a sales centred operational culture

Coaching & Mentoring

Alattas Group designs and implements coaching programs to help people in various functions across organisations to learn, develop and perform better.

Alattas Group also helps to launch mentoring programs where models of successful work behaviour and methodologies are demonstrated and replicated in customised settings

Organisation Development

Alattas Group helps to improve people performance and to optimise processes across organisations, so as to maximise the achievement of specific business goals

Human Capital Management

Alattas Group helps to optimise human resource management, specifically in areas of workforce acquisition, workforce deployment and management, and workforce optimisation

Leadership Development

Alattas Group helps key individuals to function better as leaders in their organization, through developing the capabilities of direct reports, and through enabling them to function successfully in given roles, so as to be able to meet and exceed business targets and corporate goals

Talent Management

Alattas Group helps organisations better manage its talent acquisition strategies and practices, its talent management and talent development programs, its talent retention and talent promotion programs. These might involve developing comprehensive recruitment and on-boarding programs, high potential (hi-po) development programs, and integrated management development programs, including leadership development

Some clients we have served


Sumimoto Corporation

Tyco Corporation